Spring Tide at the Dutch Coast, 5 persons rescued. Red Flag is now in top: Don't go into the sea. It's very dangerous!

Who could have thought that we needed Rebel News in the Netherlands? They are on the plane, on their way to The Netherlands.

At Schiphol Airport the Dutch Militairy Police is prepared. Counter measures against protesting farmers: Shovel

Latest (non-official) polls show that 75% of the Dutch citizens do support the Dutch farmers.

The protests all are against the so called NOx/NH3 reduction programs of the Dutch government, demanding a decrease in number of farmers to 40-50%

Now all major supermarket distribution-centres across The Netherlands are blocked.

Dutch farmers will be joined by the truck drivers, fishermen and some Northsea Ferry's.

D-day for the Dutch farmers. They announced to block The Netherlands completely as from the 4th of July.

Oudere tonen

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